Services- a la carte & comprehensive

Meditation 101 to 9.0

malaMeditation is a powerful tool for ushering in and restoring balance to your life. It happens to be a practice many people attempt one time, and feel they’re “not doing it right.” Marcie meets you where you’re at; whether it’s in a 1:1 session to help give the experience of the energy meditation offers, or in a group setting to guide shared collective intentions in the most positive way for greatest benefit to all. You will learn effective tools to calm your mind and allow deep connection with yourself, your body, and your breath.

Personal Mantra

A personal mantra is a ‘seed sound’ that carries a very high, pure vibration and frequency, that when recited internally, helps to facilitate ‘getting rid of the bad and ushering in the good.’ These sessions are private either in person or over the phone due to the delicate nature of this personal process. The mantra really chooses you. Your personal mantra can be used in both daily life or in meditation, recited internally and never shared with anyone or said aloud. This very unique and powerful mantra acts as your souls’ PIN Code and is a direct connection to the individual to Source.

Healing from Anger and Heartbreak

rocks and streamMarcie works through healing channels to open the heart and allow you to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, and to replace them with self-love, forgiveness and compassion. Guiding you toward a more peaceful state with every session, Marcie uses time tested practices to help clients address acute life challenges, such as loss, heartache, pain, transition, and other periods of vulnerability.

Soul Strengthening

Have you arrived at a place in life where you can identify ‘something’s just not right’, but you don’t have the exact ability, knowledge or practices to change things around and make it stick? Marcie works with you to identify chronic patterns of negativity and belief systems that you allow to exist in your life, (although you don’t want them) and then uses a customized program and techniques to restore your soul to its normal state of strength, and clarity, leaving you feeling restored, empowered and positive. In a short time, you will experience the life you always intended to live. You will experience greater levels of energy, peace, satisfaction and success, as well as come to know your soul’s true purpose and unlimited potential.